Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Magic Mop in Pakistan

Magic Mop in Pakistan

Magic Mop ideal for the entryway, kitchen, washroom, campaign, auto, room, thus has a thin microfiber with awesome retention limit, which can viably evacuate fouling and cleaning totally without hurtful floors. What's more, Magic Mop in Pakistan can conform the handle edge 45-180 degrees for the position most open to purifying. With this clean, you can keep your hands from the grimy water. Telebrand Pakistan


Clean and pail set 

Simple to get wringing exertion 

Help spare you time .Telebrand

Tap on the foot pedal to turn clean head and expel soil and water 

Exceedingly permeable 

Clean earth so oily .Magic Mop in Pakistan

Triangular head shape gets ideal to the corners and tomahawks to reach under furniture 

Enchantment clean head is effectively removable and launderable up to 60 ° C.

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