Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Car Seat Massager in Pakistan

Car Seat Massager in Pakistan

This compact auto situate massager is planned with various capacities for any auto situate, office seat or home couch. It has five engines that back rub the neck, back,hips and thighs. Basically strap this back rub cushion to your seat and it tenderly pads and backings your back for an agreeable ride. The tender vibrations will facilitate your strained muscles, permitting you to feel loose while you drive or work. The new warmth treatment highlight will help mitigate your body! An advantageous hand-held remote gives you a chance to choose target zones where you require a back rub, and pick the vibration speed as per your inclination. Telebrand pakistan

Auto rub pad enhance blood course, wipe out spinal pain, assuages weariness, help weight. 


Awesome for Relaxation 

5 Powerful Massagers 

3 singular Massage Zones .Telebrand

Knead Upper and Lower back 

Multi Function Controller 

Flexible Elastic Strap 

Full Size Seat Topper .Car Seat Massager in Pakistan

Best for Cars, Home and Office

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