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Car Seat Massager in Pakistan

Car Seat Massager in Pakistan

This compact auto situate massager is planned with various capacities for any auto situate, office seat or home couch. It has five engines that back rub the neck, back,hips and thighs. Basically strap this back rub cushion to your seat and it tenderly pads and backings your back for an agreeable ride. The tender vibrations will facilitate your strained muscles, permitting you to feel loose while you drive or work. The new warmth treatment highlight will help mitigate your body! An advantageous hand-held remote gives you a chance to choose target zones where you require a back rub, and pick the vibration speed as per your inclination. Telebrand pakistan

Auto rub pad enhance blood course, wipe out spinal pain, assuages weariness, help weight. 


Awesome for Relaxation 

5 Powerful Massagers 

3 singular Massage Zones .Telebrand

Knead Upper and Lower back 

Multi Function Controller 

Flexible Elastic Strap 

Full Size Seat Topper .Car Seat Massager in Pakistan

Best for Cars, Home and Office

Slique Threading in Pakistan

Slique Threading in Pakistan

Slique Hair Threading System Opportunity Details Hairdressing salons to dispose of undesirable hair all over no longer important to invest energy and cash! Threading Facial Hair Removal Slique inside minutes whenever with the flaring apparatus and you can have a smooth skin. Promoskop Slique Threading Facial Hair Removal Device Facial hair evacuation is currently considerably less demanding and more functional to Slique … Face down with a rope Slique hair expulsion unit is anything but difficult to perfect, all around prepped ladies slique inclination, observe in the mirror yourself with certainty. While the second individual to confront with Slique or magnificence master in your general vicinity needn't bother with plumes. What is Slique facial hair evacuation? Truth be told, facial hair a rope-production that has been utilized since old circumstances, and facial hair expulsion technique for Telebrand pakistan hair evacuation. Packed on the up and up of a rope made of hair evacuation of the ilmikte. With this strategy, the root hairs and can confront. Anticipating a speedy and clean strategy for hair expulsion and also the system does not aggravate the skin. Promoskop From one era to the old specialties of Asia and the Middle East, anticipating that timeframe is dependably a favored hair expulsion strategy for facial purifying. What is the rope of hair evacuation? Rope of hair evacuation hair expulsion strategy that has been utilized since antiquated circumstances.Telebrand Ilmikte circle of a rope made of hair that can be characterized as compacted. Is the root hairs. There are many preferences of getting a quill rope. A way that fills its need completely. Snappy and clean. In addition, it doesn't bother the skin like waxing. Gone from one era to the old crafts of Asia and the Middle East yearn for a strategy for hair expulsion has been held whenever. As of late has turned into the design in Europe and America. Rope of hair expulsion salons, and an ever increasing number of ladies started opening all over the place and inescapable for finding this technique. Up until this point, Slique Threading in Pakistan a rope of hair evacuation that is a plume in a procedure that requires two individuals to be taken, and it could do, however individuals who know this business.

Yoga Mats in pakistan

Yoga Mats in pakistan

The way of the froth elastic yoga tangle has a delicate surface attributes, kindhearted and smelless, slip verification, shockproof, and eco-accommodating and safe to individuals. This is the best tangle yoga, move, acrobatic and sports, and the best advancement with brilliant outline and print logo. 

Customary yoga hone requires an appropriate surface under today's chance to put to be finished with the correct organization. Yoga mats help to decrease and keep the body weight of the bones hurt zone that you spending plan. Tangles likewise shield your hands and feet from slipping on strong ground. When looking at yoga mats, Yoga Mat in Pakistan consider a few variables before choosing the one that is best for you. 

Telebrand Yoga tangle intended for novices and specialists alike, offer padding that is thick yet light-weight. The "sticky" surface makes a phenomenal showing with regards to of keeping hands and feet immovably in position. 

Step 1: Choose your value range to contract your hunt. Bed sticky standard made of manufactured materials. , Branding ecologically neighborly all normal accessibility of top of the line yoga mats. 

Step 2: Check the length and width of the tangle. Some yoga postures oblige you to expand the full length of the body, or get to it from make a beeline for toe while on your back. Normal yoga tangle is 24 inches wide by 68 inches long. Tangles outside for long on a huge scale, a few mats are additionally sold in bigger sizes. Telebrand pakistan

Step 3: Comparison of thickness. Travel tangle is more slender and lighter with less padding. What's more, the individuals who have a consistent routine of yoga be more agreeable on the tangle with a standard thickness of 6 mm. Thicker mats are accessible for the individuals who need to stay away from exorbitant weight on the bones of the hands, knees, and hips also. Yoga Mats in pakistan

Step 4: Learn what mats are made of. Manufactured plastic, PVC, is a typical material at mats at lower costs. Yoga Mat in Pakistan Natural elastic mats are more costly, however are thought to be proceeded for a more drawn out period, and give a firmer hold.

Air Pressure Leg Massager in Pakistan

Air Pressure Leg Massager in Pakistan

Pneumatic stress Massager Massage Boots delicately crush and discharge the muscles in your thighs, calves, lower legs and feet – giving an alleviating back rub and quick help from weakness, swelling, firmness and sore muscles. These boots enhance bring down body flow and help pump blood back to your heart. Simple to-alter Velcro® terminations for a custom fit. Perfect for individuals with constrained versatility or diabetes. Standard fits thighs up to 23″. X-Large fits thighs up to 33″. Both fit calves up to 16″. Telebrand pakistan

– No solution, no infusions, fast weight reduction, physical thinning, no bounce back. 

– Instantly thins and shapes you figure for straightening and sure outline 

– Comfortable materials let your skin breath unreservedly. 

With preset program to blows up and empties consequently 

Rub your legs to alleviates push and calming weakness 

Gives an agreeable and pressure knead .Telebrand

Tenderly and delicately unwinds strain and enhance blood flow 

Essentially operation with 3 catches on the control box 

Worked by 4xAA size batteries or 6V AC/DC connector .Air Pressure Leg Massager in Pakistan

Just 15 minutes for each day… .. your legs are thoroughly unwind from tire!

Instyler Auto Curler Tulip in Pakistan

Instyler Auto Curler Tulip in Pakistan

Twisting your hair was not quick and simple. Lattice innovation TULIP imaginative component to give you a chance to unwind while TULIP do all the work. With the tap of a catch, you can have an immaculate twists and waves in just 3 seconds. Telebrand pakistan

Lightweight plan: 

Ergonomic outline lightweight TULIP Instyler makes twisting your hair simple and advantageous. In all periods of the whole plan handle, held in the vertical TULIP hair instyler ordinary circumstance with an agreeable hold, and put any strain or weight on your hand or wrist. Telebrand

Imaginative innovation nets programmed reel Tulip empowers you to accomplish consummate hair twists, waves at once without a battle or hair harm. Twisting your hair was not quick and simple with a straightforward tap of a catch, you can get Beachy waves in only 3 seconds, the delicate twists of hair in 8 seconds, and hit tight twists in 12 seconds. Instyler Auto Curler Tulip in Pakistan


1. Set the time: 3 times the settings 8, 10, 12 secounds. With voice alarm to the impacts of various twist list. 

2.3 Temperature: 190C, 210C and 230 C. 

3. work splash steam on/off switch. 

4. Decide the course of Curl (R/L/A). 

5. naturally close down if 60mins rest. 

6. Voltage: 110V-240V. 

7. Control Plug: EU/UK/US

Nail Art Stamping Machine in Pakistan

Nail Art Stamping Machine in Pakistan

This nail workmanship styling pack will dependably leave your nails looking breathtaking, and can be utilized with any Nail Art Stamping Machine in Pakistan shading shine that you claim. Far better, you can redo your look utilizing 5 changed outline plates, which gives you 40 add up to plans. Blend and match salon express outlines to leave your nails looking impressive when you beautify your nails at home! Telebrand

Item Features 

* Designed for usability at home 

* Saves time and cash .Telebrand pakistan

* Kit Includes 1 Scraper, 1 Holder, and 5 Plates with 40 Designs

Caboki Hair fiber in Pakistan

Caboki Hair fiber in Pakistan

Not at all like comparative items, Caboki is absolutely normal. 

There are no engineered colors or chemicals, no manufactured fillers and additives, and no creature fixings. The filaments in Caboki are not manufactured, man-made strands concocted in a lab. Rather, Caboki strands are taken from plants, affability of Mother Nature. Telebrand pakistan

Indeed, even the most touchy of scalps will be totally alright with Caboki. 

Be that as it may, with customary male pattern baldness concealers? 

Indeed, we should simply say that there are reports of bothersome, rash-smudged scalps out there – not amazing considering the glob of unnatural, man-made chemicals, colors and pastes. 

Caboki Natural Plant Fibers Closely Mimic Human Hair 

Caboki hair substitution strands are produced using a plant called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. It's an assortment of cotton (otherwise called Levant cotton) that becomes just in the bone-dry locales of Morocco. Telebrand

Why do we demand utilizing just this specific plant sourced just from this extraordinary, faraway district? 

Essentially on the grounds that it's the best accessible. Nothing on earth is more suited for our motivation. 

That is on the grounds that the filaments from this plant have surface optical properties fundamentally the same as human hair. Only one reason that nobody will realize that you're utilizing Caboki unless you choose to let them know. Caboki looks that characteristic. Caboki Hair fiber in Pakistan

However, the Gossypium Herbaceum gives another extraordinary advantage. The filaments of this plant convey a negative electrical charge. Human hair is emphatically charged. The outcome is a holding through normal electromagnetic strengths no extraordinary splash stick required. 

Truth be told, Caboki bonds to your hair 200% more grounded than the hair building strands utilized by our rivals.